Dear Human

I'm so sorry for ignoring you As I hurried past the bridge Where you lay huddled With a blanket of paper And a firefly for family I didn't care to look or stop. Lost in my own concerns and fears Which seem so ridiculous now But they made me blind to your sorrow I thought…Read more Dear Human


To Learn Or To Live?

Whenever students come upon the crossroad in their life where they have to make a decision about what to study at college or university, people find it very easy to advise them with the words “do what you enjoy.” This is of course great advice but there are a few things which can make it…Read more To Learn Or To Live?

Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

Now, since the end of secondary school, I haven't been an active participant in sports but when it comes to exams, I realise the importance of exercise. I am revising, I don't have time to exercise! This is the usual attitude during exam season as everything is pushed back after the barrier of the day…Read more Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

That Time Of Year Again..

When I hear people declaring that they hadn't revised during the holidays and that their exams are coming up soon, the first thought that enters my head is "why the hell didn't you!" Sorry. Perhaps they had something going on, a family matter or personal issues but those who didn't yet still remained in their…Read more That Time Of Year Again..