We have all had those ‘crazes’ when we were kids which captured our imaginations. Things which grew from a simple thing and blossomed into a great hobby and hours of happiness. From time to time, new things come out which spread like wildfire amongst children. Not games, electronics or a YouTube video but something which develops their creativity and highlights their innocence.

This is what I am referring to:


Rainbow looms. My brother came back from a school trip with these and he has been playing with them ever since. Yes, the same brother who obsesses about clothes and football trainers. It is extremely refreshing and a spark of hope that all is not lost. These simple bands have the ability to help children see beauty in the small things of life as well as reminding us all. Yes yes, I made one too. Tremendous fun.

What crazes did you go through during your childhood?


38 thoughts on “Your Childhood Craze?

  1. Many of my little art students have these rainbow bracelets. I kept asking if they could make anything else with them…then one of my student’s showed me animals she created with the multi-colored bands and they were quite wonderful!
    Let’s see – crazes when a was a kid – it wasn’t as much a craze as it was a fad – I remember painting denim jackets for fellow classmates. Images on the backs of jackets were very popular along with rainbow toe-socks. I recall painting many, The Steve Miller Band’s – Pegasus on numerous jackets, as well as some Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin iconography…


    • I was stunned to see that people were making such amazing things with them! It is like the rubber equivalent of Lego!

      That sounds really amazing and fun πŸ˜€ So you would actually paint onto denim jackets?


      • I think someone told me Ellen or some other daytime showcased an entire suit made from the bands.
        Yes, I painted directly on the jackets which was very easy because denim is like a rough-grade canvas. It only got a bit tricky around the sleeves and seams. You know you’ve given me an idea for a post if I can find my old jacket photos…
        Thanks for the inspiration-


      • Aah yes my brother was saying something about that. Must have taken ages to make!
        Sounds really cool and that’s funny because I was just going to ask if you had any examples!
        Haha you’re welcome! πŸ™‚


      • WHoever told me, said the suit was really cool. I can’t imagine how long something like a suit would take to make.
        Well, if I ever find the photos you’ll know πŸ™‚


  2. When I was a kid gimp was a big thing, which was a bracelet or necklace made by weaving plastic string for hours on end. There were different weaving patterns with different difficulty levels and hours of fun.


  3. Whoa! That looks so cool! Never seen one of those before.
    (Looks like a plait I had yesterday, in all honesty…fishtail!!)
    Childhood crazes, eh? I wove a lot when I was younger. Otherwise…ooh now this is difficult! I had four or five little teddy bears too and I’d make family stories up for them, and catapult them over my bed. One was called “Fuzz.”
    Yeah he was a total dude! πŸ™‚


    • Haha it is nothing compared to what others have made. I think Rainbow Loom is not as popular in the UK but it certainly should be!
      Yes finally I can say to you: Awww so cute! πŸ˜› Although my version of this was making up stories with my beloved cars πŸ˜‰


      • HA
        *steps aside from cute comment, bashing it with my woolly scarf*
        And you think I never incorporated cars? Secret: I collected hot wheels cars with my brother, and we once joined forces to crawl into the world of online shopping *ebay* and purchase a teeny weeny Bugatti veyron. πŸ˜€
        TAKE THAT!


      • OH WOW!! Okay that is uber cool πŸ˜›
        Once, my aunt bought my brother who was about 2-3 at the time some cars and I looked at them and went, huh they ain’t Hot Wheels or Matchbox!

        Oh yh, I still have my Bugatti Veyron so woohoo! πŸ˜›


        My brother (he’s pretty old now) hasn’t been seen with his cars in years…I think I’ll go pluck the Bugatti from the drawer, later on. He’s been hibernating in the study room so his bedroom is practically not a man-cave anymore; therefore, safe for me to go in!


      • (I dont have any bears anymore; Fuzz escaped somewhere. Unless my sister took them…..!)
        I shall pop it neatly in my maths folder, and take it out every time *zoom zoom* I’m waiting for my work to be checked πŸ˜€


  4. (Thanks for liking my post, there).
    I used to play with a Spirograph like it was going to cure cancer when I was a child. All my notebooks were full of stupid round doodles because it was an amazing form of magick.


  5. Slap bracelets! I was the cock-of-the-walk in first grade because I had enough to cover my WHOLE arm. Then Pogs came along. I bought those, too. But no one else did. =(


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