Remember how those ants in my kitchen were making me angry? If not then go back and read about it.

Well, they are on the retreat! The fight is being taken to them through the use of a marvellous tool.


Yes, that is actually chalk on my kitchen floor but it is a special, magical and amazing type. The idea is you draw a line which acts almost like a border as it deters ants from crossing it. This means insect lovers do not need to worry as it is not an ant killer but merely a deterrent. Everybody is happy, except for the ants of course.

However, I am still quite wary. These sneaky ants are probably regrouping somewhere behind the oven or in some nook and cranny, plotting how to beat the humans and continue stealing their sugar. They have probably sent out a few scouts and new routes are being planned to get to any sugary source.

So I am not celebrating just yet, my home is not safe from these pesky creatures. Yes yes, I know all over the world people have to face creatures like deathly spiders, scorpions, lizards or even bears but this is England and in England, we soft people are not used to creepy crawlies. Hence my inherent aversion to ants which as I stated before, are marvellous creatures but do not belong in my kitchen.

So wish me a lasting victory!


58 thoughts on “The Ants Are On The Retreat! I Hope..

  1. Not used to creepy crawlies?!! Good sir, being a fellow, erm, England-er, yes, strangely I’ve never had any infestations, but am always seeing moths and spiders about the house!
    But the chalk did make me laugh!!! What a…what a cute idea!


    • Yes but those are single or a few at the most whilst these ants number in their hundreds!
      Haha cute!? It is an actual tool used to combat ants! Apparently it even cockroaches :O Though thankfully I don’t need it for that!


      • Hmm. You don’t keep rice bags or anything near the bottom of a shelf or anything, perhaps? In my old house, our rice was mercilessly “attacked.” It was good basmati too…:/
        Yes, CUTE!
        Whoa..even cockroaches, eh? *grimaces* AHHHH CANT STAND ‘EM!


      • Yes the poor DARLING rice *mourns grains of white pearl goodness*
        (This is like eastenders, I swear)

        Ah but the action! It was highly amusing too! XD
        I’ve never see anyone so……affected. Like, this seems personal to you *passes some comforting nice blue cartridges to ease the emotion*



      • Haha (I don’t watch it :P)

        Oh trust me it is very personal! Let me give you an example. When I was first battling these ants a few months ago, I was inexperienced so one morning I was casually making my coffee, went to take a sip and realised there was a dead ant in it! For some reason they like the kettle!

        Then they are always coming up to us when we are eating. Yuck!


      • I’ll forgive you provided you don’t turn around and go all “I watch corrie” or something like that. Yes, I’m a hardcore eastenders fan…:D
        Although I must say, Corrie does look entertaining …


        NO WAY. NO WAY. Yikes!

        That is unfortunate.


        I’m extremely protective over my beloved soap operas hehehhe!

        IMMAGETRIDOFDEMANTS! *shakes fist*


      • πŸ˜€ *raises eyebrow*
        dare I ask which ones?



      • Hmm well the series that I do not miss an episode of are: Game Of Thrones, Suits, Arrow, White Collar.
        Ones I have watched previously are Breaking Bad, Prison Break and Nikita.
        So yes, not a single British show! Except Sherlock of course but they are like three films rather than a series.

        Oh WOW!


      • SUITS SUITS SUITS! *so suave*
        Game of Thrones, eh? I ANTICIPATED SAID SHOW! πŸ˜€

        No dexter? Revenge? OOOH! My brother liked watching Nikita! He’d be watching that in one room, I’d be chilling with “the tomorrow people” in the other room. Sister dearest would be content with whatever my parents watch, tbh. The other day she was begging for “that man! That man!” AKA Jake Gyllenhaal..:D

        Sherlock – YES YES YES!!!! *high five*



      • Well yes Suits is a very slick show full of suave people!
        The most popular show for HBO apparently!

        Nope, tried Dexter but was not intrigued by it enough to fit it into my watching hours although I probably will watch it sometime later.
        Nikita ended 😦
        Haha πŸ˜€ High five! HAZAAR INDEED!


      • Ahahhahhaahhahahahhhhahahhah! AHAHAHA!! πŸ˜€
        Yes, I’m physically laughing here. πŸ™‚

        Tell me about it. Bro was moping for a bit and I teased him ever so much!


      • Ehehee! Hmmmm…I watch a lot of football.
        Well, whatever everyone else is watching, I adapt. So things like come dine with me, bargain hunt (!!), deal or no deal, countdown etc

        I like a lot of things, but I dint watch holby city. Or doctors. Or neighbours. NO! πŸ˜€

        I never quite got into Doctor Who either (sorry) or Merlin etc. But I do like those one off itv dramas etc.


      • FOOTBALL!!!! YAY! (Prays you’re a Man U fan) And are you excited about the World Cup?!!!

        My brother and I have organised t-shirts to be purchased after exams have officially ended for both of us. Makes a change from all the cricket…:)
        AH SOMEONE ELSE! It never quite got to me. I liked the characters, and heck, I loved David Tennant, but eh, just wasn’t my cup of tea.


      • Oh wow yes I am! Although not very crazy about it when compared to my brothers. Yup, Brazil are going to win! I hope. The world cup is always far more exciting than any other league.

        Aah he will be kicking a football at you now when you tell him to clean up.
        I’ve probably only watched ten minutes of it :/


      • Ah..Brazil supporter I see? In my house there’s Argentina support and England. I was neutral..but I’m edging towards Spain, if not England.
        I watched a Pompeii episode in my Latin class once – I must say, it was a spectacularly relaxing lesson and Catherine Tate was great, but still…not enough!
        I’d like to see sherlock shown in English or something. That’d be brilliant!


      • Yup! Since my uncle first influenced me as a kid. That is the reason I give to accusations about me being a glory hunter πŸ˜›
        I’d advise you to edge towards Spain, you won’t be supporting England for long…
        Haha πŸ˜€
        Oh yes would be great!


      • AHAHAHHAHAHA!!! XD I’m laughing here because how you’re accused of being a glory hunter, I get called a glory supporter!!! :DDD

        OH THE FAITH YOU HAVE IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!! Admirable. Just wonderful too!



      • You little….!!!!! But then. I tease a bit too so I shall merely laugh through that comment XD



  2. I have the same problem in my house. Ants are quite annoying but I’d still take them over rodents. The ant traps I bought don’t seem to be working.


  3. Um. The English House Spider may not be deadly — but the sight of one of the larger specimens defying gravity as it hangs from the ceiling is really unnerving. My grandparents’ house in Cornwall was home to quite a colony of these beasts! I’d rather deal with ants any day.


  4. Hello there!
    Thanks for stopping by & liking my posts. Ah, yes, these pesky ants … Following the sugar trail…quite amazing how every creature has its unique place in the universe..
    Enjoy your student years at college.. They are the ground floor of this building called Life!
    My college days were so many many moons back.. Easy and simple. Though I’d love to be a student again in these times..much more interesting.. with a lot more opportunities for trying different things!
    Anyway, take care…


      • Yes – I found this device you plug into a socket, which is supposed to send pest-deterrent signals throughout the house wiring, but the slugs just carried on with business as usual. I did think of putting copper tape on the floor all around the house (apparently they won’t crawl over copper because it gives them an electric shock), but they could still climb the outside walls and squeeze in through the cracks. That’s what I get for living in a timber frame house – plenty of egress for those critters! I’ll just have to learn to live with them.


      • I just finished dealing with a column of ants that was attacking a cupcake wrapper. The annoying thing is all it takes is one slip up by someone and boom! They are back!
        Eek good luck to you because I would never be able to learn to live with them!


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