Standing Up Against Oppression

In the latest clash between the Israeli military and the people of Gaza, it seems that everyone supports the Palestinians. Messages of support, words of condemnation, protests, marches and angry demonstrations against Israel are increasing in number. Just yesterday, The Co-op supermarket chain announced it has banned all exports from Israeli settlements. In this conflict, it appears that there is one clear oppressor and one clear group being oppressed.

Yet, it seems support for Palestinians exists everywhere except for in the hearts of those in power. They may voice some criticsm or call for ‘restraint’ but no action has been taken. No action has been taken since the very beginning of this conflict in 1947-8. It leaves the common person on the street wondering what on earth they can do to help the people of Gaza who are being attacked daily. In contrast, an Israeli human rights activist herself claimed that the rockets from Gaza were ‘shitty.’

That is not the point though. This conflict is not merely because Israel are retaliating against rocket attacks or against the killing of three teenagers. It has always been about much more. Only when flashpoints like the current situation occur, does the world focus its lens on Gaza whilst Palestinians have been suffering the oppression of having their country invaded for decades.

Despite this, there are still some celebrities who openly claim to support Israel when they can see with their own eyes, the things they have done. It is shocking as it is like openly being in favour of oppression, aggression and a country which dismisses the law unless it suits them. Many of these celebrities are perhaps Israeli themselves but this does not mean they should be blinded by patriotism and follow their leaders like headless sheep. It may be argued that politics is not their concern but then why are so many ambassadors for some cause or another? They have a greater power to sway public opinion and should use their status to help those in need.

We as humans and ‘ordinary mortals’ should also play our part. Speak up against the things you see, realise what is going on around the world and work to eradicate them. Boycotts and protests, these are the tools of democracy and we are entitled to use them to voice our discontent. We may have our own problems but the truth is, they pale in comparison to the ones the people of Palestine have been facing their entire lives.


30 thoughts on “Standing Up Against Oppression

    • Over 130 Palestinians killed, countless injured.
      No Israeli ‘citizens’ killed, a dozen or so injured.

      The rockets from Gaza which have not killed a single person due to the Israeli superior military defence? The effect on their lives has been minimal in contrast to the Palestinians who are being KILLED. They have no shelter, they have no way to defend themselves whilst it has been reported that when the air siren blares in Israel, policemen do not pay it any attention and continue browsing on their phones and relaxing as they know there is no real danger.

      As for the fear of kidnapping, this was an isolated incident whereas how many palestinian children have been killed just over the past few days?

      The main point though, is the root of this conflict clearly shows Israel has always been the oppressor. In any other country, the Palestinians fighting back would be known as freedom fighters.


      • Not really, the current tensions have underlying tensions.
        Although even if they did, Israel’s reaction was illegal. It rounded up hundreds of people for the murder of these teenagers without any shred of evidence. Collective punishment is wrong. If a member of your family committed a crime, should you go to jail just because they can’t find him?
        What about the Palestinian teenager who was then killed?
        There is an illusion that tensions suddenly flared but the fact is since illegal settlements and the blockade of Gaza, tensions are obviously going to always exist. Something has to be done about this first.

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      • I wouldn’t want my whole family to go to jail if I had committed a crime but if your son or brother was killed for no reason, wouldn’t you also want justice?


      • Yes justice, the ones held responsible should be brought to account, not other people who simply share the nationality of the person who may have been the murderer.

        The key fact that could be argued is that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is illegal and any action they take in the name of protecting their own people is a case of fake democracy and illegal.

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      • But who took away Israel’s right to defend their people? When Palestinians blow up Israeli busses and stations and when Israelis are killed and when Israelis are kidnapped for being nothing more than Israeli, no one says that Israelis are being oppressed because they have to live in fear.

        Why is it one way for Palestine and the other way for Israel?


      • When a country invades another and takes over its land, then cries about being attacked, it seems quite hypocritical to me.
        Furthermore, how much have Israelis actually suffered in comparison to Palestinians? Very little.

        Palestinians haven’t killed 220 people in the past week.

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      • Yes but why? I am not saying they are right to, just that it is more understandable than Israelis attacking them. They are acting in true self-defense if you actually analyse the entire situation.


      • Not always. Israel offered a ceasefire; they were the ones that broke it,

        This conversation is really interesting but I don’t think we are going to persuade each other to change their minds…


      • It wasn’t offered, it was announced. In this way, it was a take it or leave it deal and the Palestinians had not even been included in the negotiations. Sometimes, what it announced in the media has to met with your own critical thinking.

        Haha true.


      • I think that one of the biggest factors, however, is the fact that the Palestinians are purposely putting their innocent civilians in places which Israel have announced are going to be bombed. It is awful that these people have to die because of this and it affects the death rate; if the Israelis were to do the same thing, the statistics would change drastically and the amount of Israelis killed would be similar to the amount of Palestinians killed.


      • Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. Where are the people supppsed to go?
        Israel has its defences which are strong. The thing that would end the conflict is for justice to be served, for Israel to respect international law and for them to allow Gaza to rebuild its economy instead of stifling it in the name of security.

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      • I don’t think that’s always the case; even if there are a lot of people, buildings that the Israelis have warned are going to be bombed can be evacuated instead of authorities purposely putting people there, fully knowing that they will be killed.
        And, although not at the moment, in the past Israel have helped Gaza; even through the conflict, they are still providing Gaza with electricity.


      • I am pretty sure people are not ‘placed’ there by the authorities. They aren’t robots, they’re humans who have nowhere else to go.
        Ha ha, that’s like saying you can invade any country as long as you keep the supply of electricity and gas on.


      • No it’s not; it’s saying that the Israelis are still as considerate to citizens as you can be when waging a war against a country whose government has joined with Hamas, which is a terrorist organisation.


      • Considerate? Oh yes killing 400 citizens is certainly considerate!
        The logic here is daft. Invade a country, label those who resist you as terrorists. Also, Hamas won their elections so democratically, they are legal.


      • Just because they’re legal in Gaza doesn’t take away from the fact that they are a terrorist group who refuse to agree to any ceasefires.
        And yes, Israel have killed people. And no, maybe that wasn’t right. But just because Hamas herd their people into places where Israel have warned that they are going to be bombed doesn’t make Israel wrong.
        This war is a game of numbers and because Israel have better defence and care for their citizens, doesn’t mean that they are automaically in the wrong. What about the bombs and weapons found under United Nations schools and hospitals? And what have the UN done about those? Nothing because more Palestinians have been killed and so they are obviously right.


      • Why are they a terrorist group though? They are being forced to defend themselves against Israeli settlements and the seige.
        In fact, Israel themselves caused the actual current fight by snatching hundreds of people when they had released them two years ago.
        I don’t know where you get the idea that Hamas are herding people when it is Israel who have penned in Palestinians into the Gaza strip.
        Well I would say in this case, Palestinians are certainly the right party simply because they are defending themselves.

        Anyway, there is no point discussing this further, hopefully the two can find some peace and stop the bloodshed.


  1. When Israel was being formed, it was a case of Jews who survived the Holocaust and other horrors. The newly created Israeli nation was seen as a nation created from those who had been oppressed and deserved support and compassion.
    In the passing years, Israeli armed forces have perpetrated atrocities that shock the senses. One example I remember was a video of a woman protester who was repeatedly run over by a tractor driven by an Israeli troop. Her lifeless body lay in the sand as the troops drove away. How can we continue to sympathize when these types of senseless acts are taking place?
    In a war, especially a war between cousins, it’s difficult to take sides. It’s difficult to say who is right or whether anyone is wrong and especially so when it comes to who deserves to live somewhere.
    So do we merely stand on the fringes of the warfare and impotently watch while doing nothing more because it isn’t our fight? Do we get involved and pray that we’re supporting the “right” side? Do we attempt to negotiate a new understanding and peaceful co-existence? It’s hard to say.


    • You’re right. The shocking thing is that Israel should know better as they themselves were oppressed but after all these years of oppressing others, it has actually become a distant memory for the world. They have used their oppression to justify the things they have done in Palestine but that simply is wrong.

      It is a hard call to make but firstly, violence must end. Then there can be an attempt at peace.


  2. The problem with our world leaders is that it was UK and America that helped form the Israeli state and now feel the need to defend this by supporting Israel no matter what unlawful thing they do. Also there is a huge Israeli lobby in America which pretty much coerces the government into defending Israel. Its a tricky situation but obviously Gaza is massive problem that needs to be resolved


    • Yes that sadly is the root of this issue. In fact, when any state has the backing of a ‘superpower’ then they can literally behave
      in any way they please. For example, Russia backs the Syrian government which has committed such outrageous atrocities.

      Its a paradox, especially when we claim to want a democratic world yet our leaders defend violence when it suits them, claiming Israel have promised to act ‘responsibly.’


  3. I totally agree! I have a feeling though that if the other heads of power decided to go against them, it might be a set up for a 3rd war? Maybe no head of power wants to do anything because it’s 2 groups of minorities? Before it was a ‘white’ against a religious minority


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