Arise Student! Arise!

Life is hard when you have to wake up at 7 am. Oh yes, for eons and eons, I have avoided the bleary eyed mornings of waking up before the postman has collected his load for the day and those times when I would wake up for school have disappeared blissfully into the deepest hidey hole of my mind.

College didn’t help. Being a five minute walk away,  I could awake leisurely at eight or even later on most days so when university hit me, it was a big shock. For starters, I have only eight hours of teaching a week which may seem absurdly low but a lot of reading and independent work is required. Or that’s what they say anyway.

However the point is that when you have to wake up at seven in the morning to go for an hour to university for a lecture or seminar, then, well, that’s just very annoying! I spend more hours travelling than I do receiving lessons. Not a very efficient use of my time I must say.  Yes yes, revise and work on the bus or train but that is easier said than done. The cool Sky News director I met before told me he did his master’s dissertation whilst going to his unpaid internship each day; God knows how he managed that.

So my body has been quite tired recently, not helped by that exhausting bike ride on Monday! In other news, I did more travelling today to get to a job interview. It was at a very plush office building which I’m glad I didn’t know about until I got there else I would’ve been even more nervous! 


I will find out how it all went tomorrow hopefully but one thing I found interesting was this:


A nice little stream of water. Now what would be really cool if this is actually water from the Thames.

And here, more photos of London for you lovely people…






Until Next Time

A Worried Student


24 thoughts on “Arise Student! Arise!

  1. O.O that strip of water stream thing is so…so…
    Odd! Interestingly odd, but odd! And ahh you rise at 7! I envy thee – I’m up at half five.


  2. I feel you! Last year I commuted to a slightly far away university and regretted it the whole year. This year however I am around 30mins maximum on a bus away from my uni which is much nicer than a 1hr30 – 2hour travel time!

    Your uni looks beautiful! O_O


  3. I hope you get selected for the job. I got selected in one recently. As soon as I finish my studies, there’s going to be a job waiting for me now, haha 😀

    And don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I’m saying this even though I didn’t. I always ditch the first period whenever I wake up late lol 😛 Did that even a couple of days ago. XD


  4. The architecture of the pyramid like building is very similar to the one in San Francisco for World Financial Group, I. Need to google Google and see who made it


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