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Well hello there.I guess I should tell myself off for leaving you guys in the dark about what I have been up to. However you may have pity on me if I tell you that I have been travelling for 3 hours each day for the past week and have another four days of that to look forward to. In fact, I am currently typing this whilst on the London Underground after finally managing to get a seat. 


Now, I can go on ranting about travelling but that is just boring so let me instead tell you about my work experience placement at Sky News. Located in Osterley which is on the other side of London for me, the sprawling HQ is probably larger than my university building. . It is where most products and services of Sky are made. TV, radio, website, apps, marketing and so on.


A simple glance of the buildings and sites being developed inform you of one thing: television is on the rise, newspapers are sinking. Unfortunately, that is the sad reality and so we (aspiring journalists) must adapt to change. Most people want small tidbits of information as they do not have the time to read or even watch for a long amount of time. Working in the Digital side under the apps section showed me this. The focus was on creating short, interesting and engaging content. As one person said: ‘Once your viewers start looking at how long they have left to watch, then you’ve lost them.’  


There was one moment when I felt a bit jealous though. Looking at their stats, their iPad app which is a paid service, receives double the amount of views in one day than my blog has received in its entire life. The reason of course being, a lot more work goes into the app with stories being updated constantly throughout the day. So digital news is on the rise and there is no denying it, even if you are not a fan.  

Did you know that Sky News is on the Snapchat app? Take a look at it on the stories section and towards the end of the week, a quiz will appear that has been created by yours truly. It is an interesting and fun way to get younger audiences reading the news, and quite fun to make too!

Another thing that I experienced was how a news show gets recorded. Of course you have the live news which is being constantly done but other topical news shows are also made. There is very little drama when it comes to making one. Unlike a film, they don’t spend hours doing re-takes as the studio is only available for a short time. So with smooth precision, the camera rolls and off they go, chattering away.  


At Millbank studios

Now I have emerged into the sunlight and so begins a day at work. 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student


6 thoughts on “World of Journalism

  1. Nice! I’m so excited that you have a summer job that will help you succeed in your loved industry.
    Using your time on the Underground is quite profitable. Maybe you can read some of your assignments you’ll need for next year at your University? There you go! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Just two weeks at the moment although I am hoping to land a month long one in the summer.

      Unfortunately I am still awaiting my module confirmation so can’t do that juat yet. Instead it will have to be typing up blog posts or..sleeping 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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