Your Dreams, Aspirations and Motivations

A couple of years ago I wrote a post on the importance of aspirations and dreams. Back then, I was in what now feels like the rose tinted world of A-levels. Rose tinted because despite the hard work and heavier timetable, my aspiration back then was to get into a good university. That goal is…Read more Your Dreams, Aspirations and Motivations


A Sprinkling Of Life

Oddly enough, I picked my e-book up a few days ago -yes yes I know it doesn't smell the same as a real book but I won it so the student in me dictates I must use this freebie - and completed a James Patterson novel. I've wanted to jump back on to the reading…Read more A Sprinkling Of Life

How worried do you need to be about College?

This is the time of year in England when students taking GCSEs begin to worry about the transition from secondary school to college. Actually, I may be getting ahead of myself there as they are probably more worried about their exams at the moment. Anyway, it is sure to be on their minds and it…Read more How worried do you need to be about College?