The Government Has Failed Students – Again

Over the past few days I have been doing some preparatory reading for my 2nd year at university; but today I didn't feel like reading. In fact I didn't feel like even thinking about university and I certainly avoided the news sites I frequently visit. This was after I awoke to discover that the government…Read more The Government Has Failed Students – Again

Now Dabbling In The World Of Politics

Yesterday was quite an unusual one for me. I had been told to attend an event at the mosque in the afternoon which was being held as the Secretary of State MP Eric Pickles was visiting. Now you must understand that the local mosque is not one which usually hosts these types of visits so…Read more Now Dabbling In The World Of Politics

Equality’s Enigma

There are problems with equality. Not in the sense that it should not be something we aspire to but in the way people interpet it to mean different things. Whilst some political ideologies such as conservatism accept the natural hierarchical nature of society, others seek to promote equality simply because it is more 'fair'. I…Read more Equality’s Enigma

Rearranging The Cabinet

Today, the Prime Minister has made teachers in the UK happy. As we speak, they are probably celebrating with as much excitement as the Wizarding Community did when Voldermort was killed. Why? Well today it was announced that the Minister of Education Michael Gove has been moved demoted/sacked/tactically shifted from his position to the Chief…Read more Rearranging The Cabinet