A Whole Summer Later… 

It's never a good sign when you can't remember the last blog post you wrote. A lot has happened since then. We had an election in the UK and as I was part of ITV's current affairs team, we were making documentaries on the leader of each political party.  It was an amazing six weeks…Read more A Whole Summer Later… 


Semester One..

Well it has been a while but I can't say I have been tremendously busy. The beginning of university has taken some getting used to and at the end of this semester I have come up with a resolution: to put more effort into the next one as I know now what is expected, how…Read more Semester One..

What to do about those dreadful fees?

This problem is exacerbated for people like me who will be paying the fees up front. Why? The answer is that as a Muslim, I cannot deal with interest, whether this is receiving interest money or giving it as interest is forbidden due to the way it preys on the weaknesses of the poor while…Read more What to do about those dreadful fees?