The Final Straight 

I thought I'd better write this post quickly because time waits for no one and that certainly feels like the case when I look back on the past year at university. Time flies, the semesters are so short you barely have time to get started before you are told to go home for the holidays.…Read more The Final Straight 


Looking Back

When I first setup this blog many years ago, back in the heady days of A-level English, History and Politics; it was mainly in response to my financial worries regarding university. I was part of the unlucky year. The first set of students to not receive the educational maintenance allowance and the first to have…Read more Looking Back

I Don’t Want To Get Bored Of Reading

Well Hello! As a university student, not becoming lost in the overwhelming reading lists is a constant challenge. Then ontop of all that, maintaining your personal love for reading is even more challenging. So when asked me to write a blog post for them, I knew what I should write about. Check out my…Read more I Don’t Want To Get Bored Of Reading

A Science Filled Day For An English Student?

Yesterday was quite a fun day at work. I was told to supervise a group of students taking part in a local 'Science Challenge' at my old college. The thing that appealed to me the most when I was given the description about the day was that I would simply have to be there.  "Excellent,"…Read more A Science Filled Day For An English Student?