An Attempt at Some Drama

Writing drama has never been my forte but this semester, I am taking a Creative Writing class for drama and so I will be made to confront a new form of writing. The last 'play' or script that I wrote of any significance was way back, in the grand year of 2007, at the age…Read more An Attempt at Some Drama



  They glide like ghosts In the morning mist Exhaling their way through the streets Creeping up on you Catching you unaware Spinning and weaving their magic As they rattle your mind It's like you're in a video game And they, the reckless characters Who seem to do with everything with such ease But their…Read more Ghosts

Standing Up Against Oppression

In the latest clash between the Israeli military and the people of Gaza, it seems that everyone supports the Palestinians. Messages of support, words of condemnation, protests, marches and angry demonstrations against Israel are increasing in number. Just yesterday, The Co-op supermarket chain announced it has banned all exports from Israeli settlements. In this conflict,…Read more Standing Up Against Oppression